“REASONS YOU SHOULD LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR LIFE” – RAY MOLAWOLE REASONS YOU SHOULD LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR LIFE 1. You wake up everyday wishing for a life that’s not yours? 2. You don’t feel comfortable with your life? 3.  Or You’re not confident about yourself? 4. You are rich but still not happy? 5. […]


BREAKING NEWS – Trump Not In ‘Excellent’ Health?

With the predictable ostentation of tradition, and the particular scrutiny born of untraditional concerns, the health of President Trump was announced to us this week as “excellent.” We might all be forgiven for thinking that means something formal, standardized, and reliable. As a medical insider, however, I regret to report we are not nearly so […]

“INSPIRATION” – Do Your Own Thing, You don’t Always Have To Blend In.

THE WORLD TODAY. As time progresses, humans are forced to conform with trends. Be it in fashion, relationships or career, the society defines for us in such ways we do not even realize we are adjusting to the latest trends. Let’s have a look of some of these things, shall we? Career: Years before now, […]


Funny African Proverbs You Should Know

​”AFRICAN PROVERBS”​  1) ​The anger of a penis doesn’t destroy the vagina.​ (Zimbabwe)  2) ​There’s no virgin in a maternity ward.​ (Cameroon) 3) ​A child can play with it’s mother’s breasts but not with the father’s testicles.​ (Ghana) 4) ​The man who marries a beautiful woman and the farmer who grows corn by the road […]


Things You Should Do To Make Your 2018 A Better Year

THINGS EVERYBODY SHOULD DO IN 2018 *1. Pursue* something. Don’t walk the entire 365 days without having something particular in mind to achieve. Start a building project, start a business, buy a car, pay some school fees, start a new job. Just do something! *2. Walk with people wiser or stronger than you. In 2018, […]

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