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BBNaija Day 52

The Egg Race Alex chosen as fastest mouth

Earlier today Biggie’s latest Challenge left a House totally puzzled. 

Having gathered Housemates in the lounge, HoH Miracle read to a dumbstruck House the instructions that seemed to represent Biggie’s cheekiest jab so far.

Housemates had to select two of their peers to represent the

House according to the criteria of who had the fastest hands and who had the fastest mouth. 

Biggie hinted that what the mouth can do the hand can do faster,

leaving Housemates to loudly speculate on the deep meaning of the expression.

By popular vote, Alex was chosen as the ‘fastest mouth’ while Miracle was selected as the ‘fastest hands’

Two Hands

Before moving to the Arena, Biggie instructed Miracle and Alex to go and thoroughly wash their hands at the kitchen. 

But first, HoH Miracle ran to the closet to change his t-shirt in anticipation as it can get a little dirty in the Arena.

As Housemates entered the Arena, looking all baffled and curious,

Alex could not hold it and laughed her nervousness away at the sight of a big bowl of eggs laid on the table.

Biggie announced that the Challenge would unfold in two parts, with the ‘fastest hands’

having to crack and peel the eggshells in five minutes, using only their hands and the back of a teaspoon,

before the ‘fastest mouth’ had to eat as many eggs as possible in two minutes.

The Head of House was to come verify that the eggs were properly cracked and no shell remained.

One Mouth

However it seem as if it was Biggie who was equally surprised when HoH Miracle stood up as the ‘fastest hands’.

Biggie poked Housemates further asking Bambam and Lolu to validate that Miracle had been selected by the group, which they both confirmed. 

Yet Biggie called in Lolu to step into the Challenge. It wasn’t easy for

him as he didn’t immediately catch the pace and when the buzzer rang, he knew he had failed. 

The Egg Race Alex chosen as fastest mouth
The Egg Race Alex chosen as fastest mouth

That’s when Biggie’s voice blasted through the speakers that he was ‘not impressed by this first round’.

Yet he was feeling generous and gave Housemates another try by asking Miracle to pick up where Lolu left off.

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Having observed his predecessor, Miracle had an easier time peeling eggs off and quite comfortably added a few more eggs to the bowl.

After Nina inspected the eggs and Biggie called Alex up to the table,

she had stopped laughing at the daunting thought of having to peel and eat thirteen eggs in less than five minutes.

Alex fearlessly proceeded to eat twelve eggs with the help of generous sips of water.

Yet she fell short of just one egg, which meant that the Housemates had lost this Challenge.

The Egg Race Alex chosen as fastest mouth



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