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My honest opinion on Messi and Ronaldo

Ronaldo moves smartly inside the box to get goals for his team while Messi drops way deep into the midfield to initiate the attack and get the goals.

Messi humiliates opponents with the ball stuck to his feet while Ronaldo beats them with his speed.

Ronaldo scores crazy knuckle ball free kicks while Messi scores them with breathtaking curls.

Whenever needed, Messi beats multiple opponents with his magical playmaking skills to feed the ball into the feet of his teammate who’s in a better position to score and get the wins while Ronaldo rises so high amongst the opponents and scores brilliant headers to get win for his team.

Ronaldo has his style of play which cannot be matched and Messi has style of play which cannot be matched.

Both of them have 10 Ballon D’ors and 8 Golden boots combined which is UN-freakin-BELIEVABLE!

And honestly, if you look at other legends you won’t see old generations fighting over who’s the best between players like Pele, Maradona, Xavi, Zidane, Raul, Ronaldinho, Di Stefano, Steven Gerrard, Beckham, Ronaldo (Brazilian), Scholes, Lampard, Pirlo and many more.

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Have you seen anyone comparing them to prove who’s the better one? NO.

But nowadays, we’ll stoop down to any standards just to win a stupid discussion on Messi & Ronaldo.

We don’t even spare their family, their personal life to win these arguments.

For instance: My honest opinion on Messi and Ronaldo

1. Messi failed to win World Cup and Copa America.

The burden of pain he had on him, no one can understand.

He must have been emotionally crushed to miss that penalty and that guy didn’t know how to face the world.

In those moments, he decided to quit.

Nobody praised him about carrying his team to those finals. But what everyone highlights in this is, “coward” & “failure”

And when he could think wisely, he decided to come back.

Now instead of being thankful to god for his return, we call this “fake retirement” & “drama”

My honest opinion on Messi and Ronaldo
My honest opinion on Messi and Ronaldo

2. Similarly, Ronaldo lost Euro finals in 2004 which was devastating for him.

In World Cup, Portugal lost 0-4 to Germany and people started blaming Ronaldo (Even his mother was so upset).

And in 2016, he was crying his eyes out that he can’t play in Euro final to help his team.

He carried this team from group stages to quarters to semis to finals but all we see is that he won on “Eder’s goal” & “was just cheerleading”

I can’t even tell you how ruthless abuses I’ve read for both of them.

Nobody likes if their favourite player is being trolled and some mature ones would ignore while some would show their anger in abuses.

We are the luckiest generation to witness Messi and Ronaldo. Both of them are in their 30’s and they have approximately 5 more years to play.

You’d think that I’m going to say that “Stop hating them and start enjoying them”

The Comparisons between these two will never stop.

The Abuses will never stop. The Trolls will never stop.

Both of them will be blamed for each and every mistake.

Pessi will always win over Messi.
Penaldo will always win over Ronaldo.

My honest opinion on Messi and Ronaldo

Ray Molawole

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