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Adekunle Gold releases a new song and music video titled โ€˜Ireโ€™ . It is a personal song which reflects on his lifeโ€™s journey with a message that will inspire his fans for a long time to come. 

โ€˜Ireโ€™ is a life lesson packaged in a slow tempo song and accompanied by traditional Yoruba percussion sounds. Adekunle Gold sings in his native Yoruba language as is his usual style.

He also sings in English for an uncharacteristic amount of time, alluding to his desire for the songโ€™s important lessons to be understood. 

According to Adekunle Gold , โ€œโ€™Ireโ€™ is a symbolic summary of my life experiences and my journey to becoming Adekunle Gold.โ€ He also took to Instagram to let his fans know that โ€œThis song will be the soundtrack of your life.โ€


The scenes in the video are beautifully played in reverse, alluding to Adekunle Gold ‘s self-reflection. 

Scenes where Adekunle Gold prepares dinner on firewood, sings in church and paddles a canoe are some of the visuals that contribute to the videoโ€™s captivating aesthetic making it a video worth watching.


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