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*1. Pursue* something. Don’t walk the entire 365 days without having something particular in mind to achieve. Start a building project, start a business, buy a car, pay some school fees, start a new job. Just do something!

*2. Walk with people wiser or stronger than you. In 2018, surround yourself with people who will inspire you, who will make you feel you can do better and achieve more. People who will challenge you along your journey.

*3. Check your dressing and appearance. Don’t put on ‘anything’ just because it covers your nakedness. Your appearance tells a lot about you. Iron your outfit neatly. Don’t wear dresses in the name of fashion or trends. Wear more decent but fitting clothing. This is the slogan: Simple but Classy.

*4. Check how you talk. Before you open your mouth, be mindful of who you are talking to, where you are talking, when you are talking, knowing that your integrity is at stake.

In every situation, choose silence over speech unless you don’t have any option.

*5. Visit old people’s homes, orphanages and children in need of special care. Don’t let them feel unwanted or neglected in the scheme of things.

*6. In 2018, be more prayerful and spend time in the Word of God. You can’t live your life thinking things occur merely logically. There’s a Supreme Being (our Lord and God) who makes things happen. So pray to Him and study as well as meditate in the Word of God.

*7. In 2018, start thinking or planning towards doing more for humanity. It’s not all about you!

*8. In 2018, always think Positive while being Realistic. For instance, if you see tigers praying to God, don’t join them. You can be positive that they won’t eat you up since they are praying, but be realistic too that after the prayers, they’ll remain tigers and God will feed them with flesh.

*9. Buy gifts for your loved ones. In 2018, try and do something ‘small’ for parents. You have no idea what goes on in their minds. Let them feel you are not far off.

*10. In 2018, Invest more, save more, and spend less. Put your money into investment ventures. Buy shares, save in fixed deposits, import some goods and sell, be a stock broker, etc. In fact, ensure you develop more than one stream of income!

11. Many known names have gone and life goes on. The point is, don’t wear your life out through work. You won’t take your job with you when you die. You are not as immortal as you think you are…so calm down. Take time off work for annual leave, go for medical check-ups, visit family members, visit gardens, the beach, tourist attractions, appreciate nature, etc.

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