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As time progresses, humans are forced to conform with trends. Be it in fashion, relationships or career, the society defines for us in such ways we do not even realize we are adjusting to the latest trends. Let’s have a look of some of these things, shall we?

Career: Years before now, the best courses anyone could study in tertiary institutions were Medicine (science students), Law (Arts) and Accounting (Commercial). Without any of these three, you were just normal to the world. Not extraordinary but ordinary. Of course, these courses are still revered but the world is panning out to other courses like Mass communication, Pharmacy, Estate management, Architecture and a lot more. See?

Relationship : Years before, ladies were all about “TDH” meaning Tall, Dark and Handsome men. Those were the must possess criteria for a lot of us. Now, another “must-have” has been added; Beard gang. No thanks to internet and social media. Nigerian girls have seen the world. We’ve been shown just how cute Korean can be. How hot Indians can look. How beautiful Arab men are and so poor naija guys but who cares??

The table turns too, you know? Gone are the days when men were fine with fine girls. Now, she’s got to be curvy. She has to be endowed (if you know what I mean). Oh! They say they don’t dig make overs but hey, that was the attraction from the get-go na. See what I’m saying?
Now to another. Entrepreneurship
Oh God! Everyone is a CEO. You open your social media account and your timeline is flooded with CEOs of their collections, fashion designing, catering services and a lot more.

Now, while I salute everyone making a difference, I feel the need to also draw us to the fact that we CAN NOT all be entrepreneurs. It is impossible. I mean, it is one thing that we are different, born different and are meant to survive and succeed differently, the fact remains that if we all decide to own our business, no one will be left to work and earn salaries. We’ll basically end up with offices and establishments but with no staff. Why? Because they also feel the societal compulsion to make a name in the business world.

Again, I salute all business owners. Love them even for working towards their goals. But if you are not one with a business bone, it’s okay. You can be all that without being a business owner. Never allow society to pressure you into doing what you aren’t meant to do. Your life is yours to live not anyone’s. Be true to yourself. Life is too short to be wasted.

Zaynab Yusuf.

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